HELP Honduras children

HELP Honduras works with families in Honduras to improve education, health, and economic opportunity, enabling them to live more productive lives.

HELP Honduras sponsor Barb Penner with sponsored child awarded for academic excellence

We do this by enabling children to attend school through sponsors like Barb Penner of Kelowna

Tegucigalpa Rotarian Jimmy Dacarrett delivering desks

by building schools and desks

HELP Honduras - medical assistance

by improving health

HELP Honduras training

by training mothers in marketable skills and business concepts

HELP Honduras training

and helping them succeed in business.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Our programs help children and families in Tegucigalpa, Comayagua and Santa Barbara.

HELP Honduras families

Join us in bringing health, education, and literacy to Honduran children and a new future to their families.

HELP Honduras Sponsors

You can be one of those who changed a child’s life as are these folks from the Victoria Harbourside Rotary Club. Here they are holding their certificates of thanks.