Latrines and Sanitary Education in Schools

This project was funded in 2018, through a $96,000 Rotary Foundation Grant , in cooperation with Creston and Santa Barbara Rotary Clubs.   It is building  toilets and hand washing stations in 10 schools around Santa Barbara.  Children are being taught sanitation and hygiene as part of the grant.


This is an example at one school.  The washroom to the left  used to serve a school population of over 300 students.




To the right, the building under construction will have 6 toilet stalls in the rear.  One will be a larger handicap stall, and one will have a washing station within for post-puberty girls.    The construction at the front will be the washing station.


Fast forward to November 2019, Gwen Telling & Jean Partington  visited one of the WASH program schools.  Rene was having a training session for parents and it included not only the importance of maintaining the physical building and providing soap and disinfectant and regularly cleaning bathrooms but also a talk about the high teen birth rates for teenagers in Santa Barbara state and the importance of sexual education and treating periods as natural occurrences.

They look forward to visiting in the future to see if the people are able to follow through.   If they do the total impacts will be huge.