Santa Barbara Scholarships

In Santa Barbara the main emphasis is on Secondary Education. Many villages around Santa Barbara have primary but no Secondary Schools, without which education stops at grade 6.   In 2018,  34 high school and university students received scholarships through HELP Honduras.    The students are selected from those recommended by teachers and the community, based on need and academic ability.

High School Scholarships cost $275 per year, and University students cost $500. Santa Barbara students must live in San Pedro Sula so the actual cost for one year is $3,000 or more. Most students work while studying so the scholarship is an assist. Scholarships are administered by Ovan Castellanos (pictured left) through the Rotary office in Santa Barbara.  Parents must  provide proof of registration and bring in the student’s marks twice a year.  Sponsors  receive a photo of their student, and their marks too.

Students are not just given the money though.  They must  ask for supplies they need, such as books, school supplies, uniforms, etc. and they purchase them together with Ovan.  Some university students receive money for rent or medicines as needed to stay in school.  Nearly all of the students who start with the program finish school.

You may sponsor a student online by selecting the Santa Barbara Scholarships impact area.