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HELP Honduras sponsors
Honduran Rotarians Mario & Maria with one of the children they sponsor.

Sponsoring a school child is one of the most fulfilling ways you can contribute to the lives of Honduran children.

Your sponsorship will pay for basic school expenses such as uniforms, shoes, books, and school supplies, without which children cannot attend the otherwise free public schools in Honduras.

As a sponsor, you will receive a receipt for tax purposes, a certificate of sponsorship, and a photograph of the child you are sponsoring. Many sponsored children write occasional letters to their sponsors.

HELP Honduras collects funds from sponsors and provides school supplies. Student progress is monitored and tutors provided when needed. The pass rates of our sponsored students are 98%.


The costs to sponsor a Tegucigalpa Market Child are as follows.

  • Primary School Student   $190
  • Secondary School Student $315
  • Vocational Student $370
  • University Student $370

If you have sponsored a student/s in the past, your funds will be used to sponsor the same student/s with the same honorees, when possible. However, due to the success of the Rotary sponsored Business & Skills Training for Women program, the parents of the child you have been sponsoring may now not require your support.   Also, some of the previously supported students leave the AyO community every year.  If your student was one of these, we will choose a new student for you to support.

See more at our Markets of Tegucigalpa project page.

Santa Barbara

If you wish to sponsor a student in  Santa Barbara, please select this impact area when making your donation. The rate to sponsor a Secondary Student in Santa Barbara is $265 per year.  A University student costs $370 per year.  See more at our Santa Barbara Scholarships project page.

You can also  donate to the Santa Barbara Schools project by selecting this impact area on our donations page.

Add to your Donation

Please consider an additional donation of $30, $50, $100, or the amount of your choosing to assist with mentoring, medical supplies and health educators.  Simply increase the total of your donation for sponsoring students.

Special Instructions

If you have a message or instructions for us about your donation, please send us an email to

You can donate on-line by pressing the “Donate Now” button.   You can chose a one-time or monthly donation.   All on-line transactions are processed in Canadian dollars, and Canadian tax receipts are issued automatically.

US Donors wanting a US tax receipt, please download the US sponsor form below and send it, together with your check, to the address on the form.  

Canadian Donors who wish to pay by cheque or e-transfer can download the Canadian sponsor form below and follow the instructions on the form.

Sponsor Form ( PDF )
 Canada           US